It doesn’t take a seasoned paddler to know that some spots are just better than others when it comes to watersports. Smaller vessels like paddleboards and kayaks don’t get along too well with larger, wake-making boats — all it takes is one huge wakeboarding boat to come zipping by before you feel like you’re surfin’ USA and trying not to drop your paddle! Read on to learn about the best spots to paddleboard on Lake Pueblo!

Even though Lake Pueblo has two full-service marinas and plenty of boats, there are still some safe spots to break out the paddleboard. Here are my top picks for best spots to paddleboard on Lake Pueblo:

Boggs Creek

If you’re looking at a map of Lake Pueblo State Park, Boggs Creek is a long creek located on the South side of the lake. It feeds into a very small cove of the lake where larger boats can go but can’t really make wake, which makes it ideal for paddleboarders.

To get here, you’ll want to navigate to the Southshore Boat Ramp, drop in, then head left to go up the creek.

Like the rest of Lake Pueblo State Park, this area is scenic and I think it’s best explored via paddleboard. This way, you have time to take in your surroundings instead of speeding past them at 20 miles per hour.

Turkey Creek Cove

This cool little cove is a paddler’s dream! It’s on the North side of Lake Pueblo at the West end of the Lake, but because it’s not in the state park portion, you don’t need a park pass to launch. There’s a train trestle you can paddle under (it makes for great photos!). And since it’s a no-wake cove, I highly recommend it for beginners who are still trying to find their balance.

North Shore Marina

On the North/Northwest side of the lake, you can park at North Shore Marina and paddle North to the smaller coves instead of paddling South into the big water. You will have a little competition from larger boats since it’s so close to the marina, and there are several little “nooks” that aren’t too impacted by boat traffic and the whole cove is no wake.

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful areas in the entire park. And if you need a break, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some shoreline to stop and rest.

The Arkansas River

On the other side of the Pueblo Dam, the Arkansas River flows through the city of Pueblo. This is a fun little route if you have someone to pick you up (and your paddleboard) when you’re done. The whole trip takes 2-4 hours, depending on the river flow.  Be sure to wear a PFD and follow the rules!

Historic Riverwalk

If you’re in the city, go grab a permit from the HARP office and head to the Riverwalk Boat Ramp. This place is a beautiful blend of city and nature. Make sure you pay attention to usage times and wear a PFD – safety first!

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