The Garden of the Gods is a truly fantastic city park located in Colorado Springs, CO.  “The Garden” as it’s often referred to offers a great array of activities.  Whether you’re looking to ride on horseback, hike the trails or scale the iconic rock features you can do it all right here!  Of all the ways to see and experience The Garden, I believe the Segway Tours offered by Adventures Out West are the most fun!  The well trained and educated tour guides offer insight you won’t get if you just drive around the park by yourself. 

Why Ride a Segway?

Because it’s fun, DUH!!!  Many people have never ridden a Segway so now’s the time!  These incredible machines are super stable and nimble.  Even inexperienced riders will feel right at home in no time!  The guides at Adventures Out West provide thorough lessons prior to venturing into The Garden.  The Segway is literally the perfect mode of transportation in The Garden.  They are silent so you can sneak up on wildlife and hear all the sounds of the birds.  They are nimble so you can stop quickly if you see a bear or a deer.  The tour is allowed to use the bike lane so you don’t have to wait for traffic and you can balance easily which gives you the opportunity to look all around you while riding!  The Segway goes between 6 and 10 miles per hour which is the ideal speed for having fun while maintaining a slow enough pace to check out all the beauty.

Where Do I Start My Segway Tour of the Garden Of The Gods?

You can start at the visitor center.  There is a nice gift shop, a restaurant and a ton of information about the Garden.  The lookout deck provides an amazing first photo opportunity of the red rocks and Pikes Peak towering in the background at 14,115 feet tall!  Pikes Peak is the most famous landmark in this area and obviously with it’s staggering height it’s hard not to notice it! 

After you finish up looking at the exhibits and watching the historical film you can book your Adventures Out West Segway Tour on the lower level at the adventure kiosk.  In addition to Segway Tours there are options for Jeep Tours as well but trust me you’ll want to do the Segways!

Once you’ve done the Segway Tour then you can go for a hike or drive around The Garden.  It’s important to do the tour first because the guides will give you a lot of information you simply wouldn’t have otherwise.  Then you can explore further after the tour.

You can also click here to go to the official map of The Garden of the Gods


The Garden is full of amazing wildlife!  The adjacent property, Glen Eyrie, is home to the largest herd of Big Horn Sheep in the whole state!  These sheep frequent the park and can often be seen playing and lounging on the outlying rock features.  Your Segway Guide can point the areas out and hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to spot some.

While the Bighorn Sheep are the star of the show in my opinion, there are beautiful Mule Deer as well.  If you haven’t seen Mule Deer before you may be surprised by their sheer size!  Compared to the whitetails in the Eastern part of the state and county, these guys have big gnarly racks with big bodies too.  Depending on the time of year they may be grouped together or hanging out solo. 

If you like birds you’re in luck.  From hawks to vultures, pigeons to falcons, The Garden is home to more species than I can count.  If you’re really lucky you might even spot an eagle soaring high in the sky.  The Garden is also home to bears and mountain lions as well as squirrels, rabbits, and reptiles like rattlesnakes and lizards.

Rock Formations

This is really where the Adventures Out West Guides earn their tip money.  Knowing the characters of The Garden and being able to point out the more clandestine features will really impress you.  Upon first look you might think you’re just looking at rocks when in fact the features have a whole story!  Characters like “Weeping Woman”, “Kissing Camels”, massive frogs and eels, even “Leaning Buddha”!  The guides will point all these out and more.  You’ll get front row photos of “The Three Giants” and you’ll be able to bypass virtually all the lines of cars on your electrified magic carpet (Segway).

Flora in the Garden Of The Gods

According to the Friends of The Garden Of The Gods website, the Garden is in the foothills zone.  You’ll find Cottonwood-Willow, Prairie Grasslands, Pinon/Juniper Trees and Ponderosa Pine.  You’ll find beautiful yucca plants, lots of sage, and some cactus as well.  The scrub oak turn lovely colors in the fall and the 4 distinct seasons in The Garden are all worth seeing.  Be sure to come back often!

Hiking in The Garden of The Gods

The main artery trail called “Gateway Trail” is an easy paved path that takes you between the Visitor Center and The Central Garden.  The Central Garden is a majestic place with great views of the large red rock hogbacks that make up the three primary formations.  Beware though… this is a heavily used trail and a super busy area!  If you’re looking for the more intimate trails in The Garden those are located more around the perimeter.  These are gravel/dirt trails that are more difficult to traverse due to the elevation change and terrain.  The Palmer Trail is a great place to start.  From here you can access many of the others such as the Scotsman Trail, Cabin Canyon Trail, or the Buckskin Charlie Trail.  There are 21 miles of trails so you can easily spend a full day or maybe even two depending on how quickly you can travel over rocky terrain.  These trails are far less used than the paved paths and the paved auto loop.  This is a great compliment to your Segway tour since the Segways will take you to the Central Garden in a much more fun manner. 


As you can see I’m a huge fan of the Segways at the Garden of the Gods.  It’s a tour you’ll remember forever in one of the most scenic places on planet earth.  This is a family friendly event and kids as young as 10 should be able to figure it out and ride.  The guides are helpful and knowledgeable and the experience is worth every penny.   Be sure to request Irish as your guide when doing your booking.  If he’s not available any of the others will take great care of you too.

Thank you for reading about the Adventures Out West Segway Tours of The Garden Of The Gods.  Be sure to book one of our local bicycle tours.

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