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Tours and Rentals You Will Never Forget

Adventures With Daniel is a local guide company focused on creating adventures you’ll remember for a lifetime!  We offer guided or unguided hiking, biking, flat water paddle sports, wildlife viewing and more.  We rent adventure gear too!  Daniel Muldoon is a native to Southern Colorado who’s passionate about showing visitors and residents various outdoor adventures.  Daniel wants to expose as many people as possible to the sights of Pueblo, CO and surrounding areas!  We have packages but can also cater to custom adventures just fill out our form and one of our adventure guides will be in touch!


Bike Rental!

Take a bike and tour around Pueblo, CO! I’ll provide you with information about bike paths and lanes as well as local information for places to eat and things to see.

Scenic Bike Tour Of Colorado Springs

This 24-25 mile guided bicycle tour around Colorado Springs will provide a unique perspective of the city. It starts with a pedal along an abandoned railroad bed that was turned into a path.

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Lake Pueblo Scenic Bike Tour!

Bicycle is by far the best way to explore Lake Pueblo State Park and the trails within the park! We will make several scenic stops along the way to include North Shore Marina.

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Boat Rental

This 1 hour quick paddle is a great opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise and little more than your lunch break is needed! Each rental includes kayak, paddle, vest, water proof storage container.



Fun Stuff For Sale!

Mission and Vision

That people are made better when they get outside and explore God’s creation

To assist you in adventuring outside by providing the resources you need.

  1. Education
  2. Destinations and Travel planning assistance
  3. Gear recommendations
  4. Guided Adventures
  5. Repair services
  1. Where people of ALL backgrounds have the skills, knowledge and access to adventure outside safely and enjoyably
  1. Where we connect with our Creator through outdoor adventures
  2. Where we seek health prevention and healing in nature before the confines of a hospital or doctor’s office
  3. Where we are mentally, spiritually and physically fit
  1. Cycling
  2. Camping
  3. Hiking
  4. Paddlesports
  5. Off road travel/Overlanding

Our success lies in the quality of what we do and not the quantity. When we help you go on a hike and you’ve never been on one before, it’s a success.  When we help you take you’re vehicle to places you never dreamed you would, it’s a success. When we are the catalyst for strengthening your relationship with God or introducing you to him, it’s a success.  When you put your leg over a bicycle again or for the first time ever and experience the freedom, it’s a success.

We grow organically.  We don’t have a large marketing budget but we do have you to help us grow.  You like to share your experience with your friends and family and they can see the change in you.  Because of this we are recommended time and time again by our clients and we rely on them to connect us with others who will benefit from what we do.  Our free content brings people to us as well.

We tithe personally and we contribute a portion of our net income, our time and our spiritual gifts to various causes. 

  1. Current and past non profits we support
    1. Always Choose Adventure
    2. Colorado Parks and Wildlife
    3. Adventure Cycling Association
    4. Bicycle Colorado
    5. Outdoor Industry Association
    6. Southern Colorado Trail Builders
    7. Pueblo Active Community Environment
    8. Steel City Cycling
    9. League of American Bicyclists
    10. Rails to Trails Conservancy

Gear We Recommend!

Here is a list of essential bikepacking bags and more!  This is a great start to get you going on your first bikepacking trip.

Amazon Affiliate Links – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

  1. Seat Pack – Blackburn’s product is nice because you can leave the cradle attached to the bike and remove only the dry bag. You can pick one up here! Check it Out!
  2. Handlebar Bag – Another Blackburn product which the bag is separate from the cradle. You can also strap things on the outside with the webbing loops!  Check it Out!
  3. Frame bags – This is the elite version which has more features and additional mounting attachments for your frame. That helps to distribute the weight more evenly and secure the bag better.  Check it Out!
    1. The basic version is nice because you can zip it to a partial frame bag or unzip it to the larger version if you need it. It’s also a heck of a lot cheaper! Check it Out!
  4. Top Tube Bag – This does have one annoying issue for the OCD types. The bag will usually lean to one side or the other because the attachment point around the stem doesn’t have much for lateral support!  Other than that it’s built well and has handled the job for me for a few years now. Check it Out!
  5. Versacage – useful when needing to mount items on your fork. You can connect the to existing 3 pack mounts or use the include brackets which attach to virtually any fork or round object! Check it Out!
  6. Handlebar snack bag – can be used for water bottles, small tools, cameras etc! – Check it Out!
  7. Different sized drybags to store your gear inCheck it Out!
  8. Multi tool with chain toolCheck it Out!
  9. Small bicycle pumpCheck it Out!

Amazon Affiliate Links – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

  1. Compressor – The best money can by as far as I’m concerned. Great for filling up tires after you finish the trail!  ARB Check it Out!
  2. NOCO Boost Jump starter and lithium battery pack. Don’t leave home  without a way to jumpstart your own vehicle.  You may not have anyone else around! – Check it Out!
  3. Recovery tree saver strap, d rings, and snatch block set – This is the bare minimum you’ll want to have assuming you have a winch. Check it Out!
  4. Manual Winch – This is an emergency recovery option if you don’t have a power winch. It ain’t gonna be pretty but it might be better than being stuck in a ditch somewhere – Check it Out!
  5. Heavy duty short handled shovelCheck it Out!
  6. Leatherman Wingman – The best multi tool! Literally you should never leave home without this attached to your person – Check it Out!
  7. Traction Mats – No they aren’t maxx traxx. While I love the Maxx Traxx product they are expensive and hard to carry.  If you’re not big into overlanding or 4×4 then it may be too much, but in a pinch these should get you going down the road – Check it Out!
  8. Dewalt Mechanics Set – While a complete toolbox isn’t necessary, having an assortment of misc tools can really save you! Check it Out!
  9. Jack – Not a hi lift jack! Hi Lifts are awkward, heavy, and hard to use.  Get a bottle jack instead.  Will it do everything a hi lift does?  No…but it does things a hi lift cannot!  Check it Out!
  10. Work Gloves – affordable and easy to carry. Check it Out!
  11. Headlamp – Handheld flashlights are difficult to use when you need your…hands! I prefer a headlamp with user replaceable batteries instead of rechargeables.  This is a two pack! Check it Out!
  12. Tire repair kit – these plugs are great temp fixes to get you off the trail – Check it Out!
  13. Handheld radio – You’ll need this if you’re going in a group. It’s impossible to yell between trucks!  I included a basic version and a package with rechargeable batteries and a head piece.  Basic – Check it Out!   Package – Check it Out!
  14. Recovery strap kit – I recommend buying two. That gives you 60 feet of tow line and if you lose or break one you have a second.  It’s also got it’s own bag and a d ring too!  You can never have too many straps or d rings. Check it Out!

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