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Educate. Encourage. Equip.

Adventures You Will Never Forget

Adventures With Daniel is a local adventure company focused on our 3 Pillars of Adventure.  Educate. Encourage. Equip.  

Virtually everything we do is free.  All we ask is if you’ve benefited from the information in our blogs, our gear review videos, our custom adventures, or any of the other services we offer that you donate whatever you can afford to help perpetuate our cause.  

Daniel Muldoon is a native to Southern Colorado who’s passionate about showing visitors and residents various outdoor adventures.  Daniel wants to expose as many people as possible to the sights of Pueblo, CO and surrounding areas!  

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Mission and Vision

That people are made better when they get outside and explore God’s creation

To assist you in adventuring outside by; educating you in outdoor recreation opportunities and best practices, encouraging you to say yes to outdoor activities, and equipping you with the knowledge and gear to make your outdoor adventures a success. 

  1. Where people of ALL backgrounds have the skills, knowledge and access to adventure outside safely and enjoyably
  1. Where we connect with our Creator through outdoor adventures
  2. Where we seek health prevention and healing in nature before the confines of a hospital or doctor’s office
  3. Where we are mentally, spiritually and physically fit
  1. Cycling
  2. Camping
  3. Hiking
  4. Paddlesports
  5. Off road travel/Overlanding

We tithe personally and we contribute a portion of our net income, our time and our spiritual gifts to various causes. 

  1. Current and past non profits we support
    1. Always Choose Adventure
    2. Colorado Parks and Wildlife
    3. Adventure Cycling Association
    4. Bicycle Colorado
    5. Outdoor Industry Association
    6. Southern Colorado Trail Builders
    7. Pueblo Active Community Environment
    8. Steel City Cycling
    9. League of American Bicyclists
    10. Rails to Trails Conservancy

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